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Our practice is centered on the patient. Our goal is that regardless if the symptoms are just vague and ill defined or if there is a known disease, every single patient is treated competently at the highest professional level and gets all the necessary information that will help him decide on the best course of action for his problems.

Our practice consists of Dr. Marius Michael Anger , a well known specialist in Urology with 27 years of experience, and 4 assistants. Almost all diagnostic tests and procedures are performed directly in our practice. We also work together with highly qualified office or hospital based specialists in other fields in order to solve the most complex cases.

The more complicated surgical interventions are performed in some of the best hospitals in München.

All the tests and procedures that we perform are in line with the latest internationally accepted standards.

In order to continuously improve our performance and smooth operation of the office we actively encourage you to interact with us. Please inform us of any issues that you feel need to be addressed and improved.


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Monday to Friday: 9 - 13 h

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